Who are we ?

The address of our website is: https://jfrexpo.com.

K.I.T. Group France
Association & Conference Management
2-4 rue Joseph Sansboeuf
75008 Paris

Legal Representative: Delphine Baudouin

Tel. : +33 (0)1 58 17 08 99
Fax : + 33 (0)9 72 12 50 32

Email : france@kit-group.org

– hereinafter K.I.T. Group France –


Data Protection Officer:

K.I.T. Group France Association & Conference Management, mandated by the French Society of Radiology (SFR) for the management of accommodations and the sale of the exhibition spaces during the JFR 2024 in Paris, France, from 4th to 7th October 2024, is committed to protecting your data and guarantees it in accordance with the applicable European legislation.
The use of this website or this service leads to the collection, recording and use of personal information.
The collection, processing (including recording of data, changes, transmission, blocking and deletion) and the use of all the personal data of Congress participants given while registering are implemented in compliance with the legal provisions relating to the protection of personal data.
K.I.T. Group France has appointed a Data Protection Officer that you can contact on all questions regarding the protection of your personal data at the following address: france@kit-group.org.


Data Collected:

REACT Hotels:
As part of the reservation through the REACT platform personal data (eg name, address, etc.) and details to complete your request (type of participant, additional options, etc.) will be collected. Payment data (bank details, credit card number) will also be requested.
In addition, statistical data such as occupation, specialization, field of study etc. can be saved.

ESOS® Exhibition:
When booking spaces or objects through the ESOS® platform(Exhibition and Sponsorship Ordering System) personal data (eg name, address, etc.) will be collected. Depending on the type of reservation, payment details (bank details, credit card number) will also be requested. The data related to the exhibition and the partnerships can be published in the program of the colloquium (paper and online),
in terms of the Palais des Congrès or be linked to the partner website.

Security of bank data:
All bank data will be treated and recorded confidentially and in compliance with the security standards applicable to remote payments.
In order to guarantee and protect the data you have transmitted to us, the information is transferred via a secure server which encrypts all your personal data as well as your credit card data. The encryption method used is the “Transport Layer Security (TLS)” industrial technology standard. Our TLS certificate was issued to us by UTN – usertrust.com.
In addition, technical and personnel security procedures have been put in place to limit access to and use of personal data. Only authorized employees can access it in the exercise of their functions related to our services.
Our server and network are protected by firewalls and we have implemented an alarm system that detects and manages intrusions and / or abuse on our server. Your credit card details will be archived by K.I.T. Group France for a maximum period of three months after the date of the Congress for the management of any complaints.

Automatic recording of technical data:
As part of the use of this website, a series of technical data is automatically recorded, including but not limited to information about the operating system, the type and version of the browser used, the URL and the IP address and time of connection to the site. These data are recorded regularly and deleted after a reasonable period of time that cannot exceed 12 months.
The use of certain services may sometimes require the acceptance of cookies. These are text files that can for example contain your access data (login) and allow you an automatic connection to the system and the use of wider functions. You can configure the use of cookies on your computer yourself; you can also delete them here.
To prepare for JFR 2024, K.I.T Group France will collect and store the personal data you provided in its database.

Data Sharing:
In addition, the organizers of the Conference may periodically share personal contact details with third parties, who may have to contact the participants concerning activities proposed during the Conference or transmit information which may be of interest to them. Consequently, the data may be transmitted to third parties unless the participant objects. Your full contact details will only be transmitted if:
• You explicitly consent to it
• The organizers of the Conference are legally bound to transmit your data to the competent authorities within the framework of a judicial or administrative procedure.
Complete information on the methods of processing personal data implemented by KIT Group France is available at the following address: france@kit-group.org.

Data transmission:
The data collected by K.I.T. Group France is not transferred outside the European Union.

Data Storage:
All information is collected, recorded, processed and deleted in accordance with the legislation in force on the protection of personal data. If a service requires it, the data may be transferred to third-party service providers. In some circumstances, the data collected may be made available to the authorized governmental departments, in particular in the event that the Congress requires specific security measures.


Personnal Rights:
You have the right at any time to obtain information about your personal data, their use, their origin and the reason for their registration. You can also withdraw your consent at any time, in particular so that your data is no longer subject to commercial prospecting.
In case you believe that the use of your personal data by K.I.T Group France would contravene the rules for the protection of personal data, you can lodge a complaint within the CNIL.
You also have the right to define general or specific directives relating to the use of your personal data in the event of death. Specific directives can be registered with the D.P.O. General directives can be registered with a trusted digital third party certified by the CNIL. You can modify or delete these directives at any time.
If necessary, you can also ask us to provide you with the personal data that you have provided to us in an interoperable format.
You can send any requests to the following address: france@kit-group.org. Or by post to the following address:

K.I.T. Group France
Association & Conference Management
2-4 rue Joseph Sansboeuf
75008 Paris

For any requests you will be required to provide a copy of proof of identity and will be examined by our services as soon as possible.